We are often asked why should you use a rat flap? the main reason is that it prevents rats entering you home or business at the manhole cover side. Drain camera surveys should be the first stop to identify where the rats are gaining access this could be a broken sewer pipe within the property. We always recommend that repairs should be carried out first! it could be as simple as a chewed toilet pan connector (the plastic pipe at the rear of the toilet). Or it could be a collapsed drain underground that requires repair.

rat flap pipe

Example Of A Chewed Pan Connector From Rats In Sewers

Sometimes repair of pipes may require digging and major work to be carried out and we understand that the cost involved maybe an issue. The pipe from your property to the main sewer is normally your responsibility and the main sewer would normally be the responsibility of the local water authority.

How The Rat Flap Ratbarrier works?

The rat flap drain valve works by creating a gate or barrier that prevents rats accessing the building via the sewer pipes. They are normally fitted within the man hole at the end of the flow from the building. The flap allows waste to flow from the building but prevents rats coming up from the sewer. The rat flaps can be installed in all outlets or can be reversed to protect a chamber using the outlet to the main sewer.

Why Use The Rat Flap From Sewerstore?

Robust, 316 Stainless Steel

Reversible flap for installation into either inlet or outfall

Opens fully allowing waste to flow

Retaining cable prevents possibility of unit being lost into drainage line

Low cost sold by the manufacturer saving you money

Easy installation – unique low force fit

Available for all pipe types Clay, Ceramic, Metal, Plastic