Dual Flap 110mm non return valve


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Dual Flap Double Flap 110mm Non Return Valve Extra Protection

dual flap non return valve 110mm

Dual Flap non return valve with retention cable Non Return Valves for Drains.

This valve is slightly longer than the other valves we produce due to the two flaps within the valve itself.

The valve also come with a retention cable for added security.

The valve is push fit and can be installed with minimum effort. 

dual flap non return valve

If you are looking at this Non Return Waste Valve that adds another line of protection with two flaps.

This valve is unique but before buying please email us a photo to ensure it will fit! 

non return valves

Three non return valves installed in clients sewer

Firstly we are a pest control company based in Swindon Wiltshire and have decided to develop our own range of 110mm non return valve as other Drainage Non Return Valves on the market were simply not up-to the task.

We have tried and tested our products in real situations and have resolved customer problems where other products have failed.

The main difference with our valves compared to others is that they are fully stainless steel, Plastic versions are on the market but they get damaged by rats causing them to fail

Also on the market are steel flaps but they use internal hinges and in our opinion waste such as tissue paper etc can get caught on the hinge and potentially cause a blockage.

Our 110mm non return valve are welded using stainless weld and stainless hinge meaning there is nothing within the body for waste to foul on. Also no other stainless 110mm valves are available for flooding defence.

During these unprecedented times, we endeavour to build, process and deliver all valves as quick as possible . However, despite our best endeavours, it’s likely due to demand and supply and delivery delays some orders will experience some level of delay. Thank you for your patience and understanding.