The Rat Drain Flap Non Return Valve From Sewerstore Provides The Ultimate Protection For Your Home Or Business.


Our stainless steel non return valve rat drain flap device is designed for use in sewers and drains. It is a versatile device and can be used in all types of drainage such as Plastic, Ceramic, Clay and Metal pipes. Our Rat Drain Flap product is designed and built in the United Kingdom and we sell direct to all types of clients. Currently we supply valves to Pest Control companies, drainage firms, construction companies and direct to the general public.

Our Rat Drain Flap valves use 316L grade stainless steel throughout and are built in house at or premises in Swindon.

Why Use A Rat DRAIN Flap Non Return Valve?

Fully Stainless Hinge And Body

Safe And Secure Rat Protection Device

Rats unable to penetrate the stainless rat Drain flap

Install flap in either direction

Install in all types of sewers and drains

We are able to install valves for you using our network of installers

Why choose the Sewerstore Rat drain Flap?

We were originally a pest control company and still are and we required a solution to rats entering properties via sewers. We had been using plastic valves but they were prone to getting chewed by rats. We therefore decided to create our own using stainless steel, we decided to opt for an different approach and sell direct to end customers and in turn passing on the cost saving in doing so. Other valve manufactures outsource manufacturing but our valves are built in the United Kingdom in Swindon Wiltshire. 

“If you have a rat problem we can help”

“Eco friendly pest control solution for preventing Rats”

“We can help with installation if required”

  • Stainless
  • Protect your home against rats
  • Easy To Install
  • Professional Rat Flap
  • Installation available

Our Promise to You

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Pricing For Valves

Our Valves start at £45.00 and we offer bulk discount.

Unsure Which Rat drain flap non return valve you require?

If you are unsure which rat flap you require please contact us for more information.

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