110mm non return valve Suppliers And Manufacturers of drain solutions including our non return valve ratblockers and ratflaps…….

Sewerstoremanufacturers of the 110mm non return valve ratflap ratblockers were originally and still are a pest control founded by Mark Burnett and are based in Swindon Wiltshire.

Initially we were installing non return valves made from plastic these did the job but over time the rats chewed and damaged the ratflap.

We decided we could do better and set out developing our own valves for use in house, initially the work involved testing and designing the valves.

We wanted the flexibility of offering clients bespoke designs and decided to invest in equipment for this purpose we now have plasma cutting equipment including CNC tables and industrial welders to help with this task.

We wanted to provide a direct sale outlet direct to the pest control professionals and consumers so decided to setup sewerstore just for this purpose.

The non return valves can be installed by anybody who has a small amount of DIY experience but if in doubt please contact a Plumber, Pest Controller or Drain specialist

Our valves are designed for use in all sewer pipe types including plastic ceramic and clay and we have both 4 inch and 6 inch versions available.

All our valves are stainless steel, and are using marine grade 316L steel and hinges this reduces the likelihood of rust and that is why we offer a 5 year guarantee.

If you have any questions please use the live chat of phone 01793 630768



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Sewerstore UK
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What Our Customers Say About Our Non Return Valves


We had a major rat problem! Rats had chewed through pipes in a kitchen extension water everywhere. Our pest control chap advised it would be a damaged pipe which was surveyed with a camera and repaired. The rats had chewed through a plastic pipe and we didn't want it happening again so we installed the ratblocker ratflap which is working well and no problems so far! 🙂

thanks Jeremy glad to help

by Joan Smith on Sewerstore
Great Company

Thank you for your phone assistance and sticking with my and my questions. We have now received the valves and are rat free.

by David Chou on Sewerstore

Very good very quick

Non Return Valve

Great cant fault it did what it needed to do kept the rats out, had a plastic one which got chewed no chance of chewing stainless.

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