Are Rats Invading Your Property? Our Rat Drain Flaps are the Solution You’ve Been Looking For!

Drainage defects can be a nightmare. They’re hidden beneath your floor, requiring costly excavation and causing disruption and damage to your property. But fear not, clever humans have come up with a brilliant solution: the rat drain flap (or rat valve). Our ingenious metal valve with a one-way flap can be fitted into your drains using manholes for access. It allows waste water to flow out but prevents rats from entering your home through the sewers. Bye-bye, underground Rats, and no need to dig anything up! Most of the time, these defects don’t affect your drainage system’s operation. So, with a well-placed valve, you can prevent rats from reaching the buried defect without any major changes.

Advice On Purchasing and Installation On Rat Drain Flaps


But wait, there’s more to consider. Accessibility plays a vital role too. How deep is the manhole? Is it a modern PVC structure or a classic brick design? These details can impact the ease of installation and maintenance. Luckilly all our valves are able to be installed using our installation pole and installation kit.

And then, there’s the specific section of the drain. Does it provide a straight run or is it a swept area? This crucial factor ensures smooth functioning and prevents any potential issues. If it has a swept outlet then the mini version of our valve would be most suited.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget about drainage laws. Make sure not to install a valve in a section of drain that’s owned by a Water authority. Trust us, they won’t appreciate it and will swiftly remove it if they find out. We do work with water authoritys but they only install our valves within the private line for customers.

In conclusion, selecting the ideal valve requires careful consideration. By taking into account the material, flow rate, pipe characteristics, accessibility, and adhering to drainage laws, you can ensure a solution that stands the test of time. So, don’t leave it up to chance – choose our valve to ensure long lasting protection for your property.

We supply a wide range of companies throughout the United Kingdom and Worldwide. Please see some of our customers below who use our Rat Valves.

Gallery Of Our Rat Flap Installations From Us and Our Customers

If you have a image of our rat flaps we would love to add it to our gallery please email [email protected]



Sewerstore 110mm Non Return Valve For Protection Against Rats And Flooding
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Sewerstore Valve Ready For Installation

Mini Ratblocker 4

Rat Flap From Another Manufacturer Being Replaced With Ours

Broken Rat Flap

Installed Sewerstore Rat Flaps

Sewerstore Rat Flaps Installed
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Great product. Works perfectly and much cheaper than others on the market.

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5 months ago
Tom Brown
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I own a pest control company so I supply and fit drain valves on a regular basis. These are very well made items, and come at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent drain valves. Delivery is always super quick and the guys are great to deal with. Thank you!

7 months ago
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Great products. As a pest control technician it’s great to have a one stop shop for all drain blockers. Highly recommend company.

7 months ago
Mark Griffiths
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A very well made product which was delivered promptly after ordering online. All accessories were included and instructions are online making installation simple. I saved over £1,000 by using this product as it avoided excavating the sewer and reinstating the surfaces. Would highly recommend the product and Sewerstore as a supplier.

9 months ago
Robert Lloyd
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Excellent product and service

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1 year ago

Welcome to the Home of Rodent Control Devices

We specialize in providing highly effective rat control devices for sewers, including innovative Rat Drains flaps, also known as rat barriers and rat flaps. 


  • Quick and east to install simple push fit and optional fitting kit and pole available.


  • Designed and made in house in our factory in Swindon, we source the best stainless steel. 


  • Blistering fast delivery cut same day and dispatched via 24hr courier.
The Professional Choice for Rat Control in sewers and drains. Discover the most effective solution for rat infestations in your sewers and drains. Our innovative Rat Drain Flap is the result of extensive research and engineering, providing a reliable and durable solution. Crafted with precision and expertise, our Rat Drain Flaps are produced in a variety of sizes and designs to cater to your specific needs. With our cutting-edge manufacturing facility based in Swindon, you can trust that our Rat Drain Flaps are built to last. Say goodbye to rat problems and choose the professional choice for rat control today.

News From Sewerstore 

Drain Relining Vs Installing Rat Flaps

Drain Rat Flaps we believe should be used in conjunction with sewer repairs. If you experience a break in the pipes leading to your property, it is crucial to address the issue promptly. Ignoring it can result in further collapse of the sewer and exacerbate your problems.

Welcome to Sewerstore, the ultimate destination for all your rat drain flap needs

So why should you install a Rat Flap? Recently, the topic of rats within houses was discussed on Radio 2 by Jeremy Vine. Mark Coltman from Evolution Pest Control in St Albans highly recommended the installation of stainless steel rat flaps in specific situations where rats gain access to properties through the sewer network.

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Fitting Kits Now Available For 4″ and 6″ Valves

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new fitting kits for installing our valves at depth. Fitting kit for our valves now available you will need to order a optional fitting kit and pole with this to fit the RB2 RB4 and RB6 and Mini Valve but not the...
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9 reviews