6″ 152mm Dual Rat Flap Sewer Valve

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This is the 6-inch 152mm dual flap model of the Sewerstore Rat Drain Flap which is designed to prevent rats from entering your drains from the main sewer.

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Dual 6″ 152mm Dual Flap version of our popular stainless steel Rat Flaps

Important Information! The Fitting kit is a optional extra and is only required if installing in deep chambers! Our valves are push fit and are installed by compressing the body of the valve. The fitting kit is a optional extra and not required in most installation situations.

The dual flap sewer valve provides added protection against rat entering your property via the sewer network.

Please note this is for the valve only if you require in deep chambers you will require our optional fitting kit and a pole, this is for a single valve only.

The valves are based on the same design as our single flap versions and are made using the same 316L stainless steel.

The Rat Drain Flap does what traditional rat control treatments such as baiting etc does not do. It stops rats before they enter your workplace or home and prevents them from ever becoming a problem.
Rodenticides are designed only to work after the rats have arrived after they’ve dragged filth, germs and disease into the property. Our Non Return Valves prohibits rats from entering your work or home life by preventing rats accessing your water pipes and sewer system.

How the Sewerstore Dual Rat Drain Flaps work

The our sewer flap works is by blocking off sewage pipe access to rats from the outside while still permitting the free flow of water and waste from the inside.

The drain flap fits perfectly into your water or sewer pipe. Its steel flap opens when fluids need to flow freely into the sewer, but until then, the flap remains closed and prohibits rodents from entering. Quite simply, fluid flows out, but rats can’t get in.The unit can be fitted in either the outlet pipe from your home or in the pipe between your home system and the main road sewer. If your home was built before 1960 the chances are that you will have an interceptor fitted on the pipe from your home to the main sewer and in this case, you may only need a drain plug to solve your rat problem. Call us if you have an interceptor as rat barriers should not be fitted to rodding eye pipes, these should be protected with a rodding eye cap or a drain plug which we can supply.


All our valves are very easy to install and only require basic tools to complete the job please visit our instruction page for full information Click Here

There is also a 4-inch version in standard body version 6 inch version and dual flap versions (see related products)

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