110mm non return valve installation instructions

110mm non return valve installation instructions Non Return Valves for Drains

Please note the same installation applies to our Anti Flood Valves Drainage

  1. Locate and open manhole cover and identify direction of flow from the property by running taps and flushing toilets, non return valves should be fitted to every outlet from the property to ensure complete protection. Ensure outlets are suitable for the installation of the valves, if outlets are curved then modification may be required to allow room to install.
  2. Apply latex Gloves and eye protection to protect against splash back of sewage
  3. Clean all outlets and ensure they are free from dirt or debris.
  4. Push Valve into outlet a rubber mallet maybe required to gently tap the metal body of the valve pushing it into the outlet, valve should be pushed in enough so that the rubber seal is just visible.
  5. Ensure flap operation is correct by running the water through the pipe by flushing the toilet or running taps.
  6. Ensure hinge is aligned vertically and flap opens and closes without fouling.
  7. If using the retaining cable drill hole approximately 5-10 inches above the valve into the wall of the chamber and push in the raw plug, screw in o ring screw and attach the cable (The cable prevents the valve from blocking the sewer if in the unlikely event it became loose)
  8. Maintenance by inspection of the valve should be carried out once per year ensuring hinge is functioning correctly.
110mm non return valve

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Removal Instructions for the 110mm non return valve 

  1. Open manhole cover and identify valve for removal
  2. Apply latex gloves and eye protection to protect against splash back
  3. Remove retaining cable (if in use)
  4. Lift flap and expose valve body
  5. Using Pliers grip body of the 110mm non return valve  and pull valve out, if valve is stuck using pliers move valve from side to side or up and down until it becomes free.
110mm non return valve rat flap

110mm on return valve






If you experience any difficulties during installation of our 110mm non return valve  please call our 24 hour help line on 07852 449528