Firstly and most importantly  we are a pest control company and have developed a valve which push fits into all 110mm sewer pipes, the valves easily installs into Clay, Plastic and ceramic pipes. This version of the Valve is cut at a angle, the reason for this is that if the outlet of the sewer is on a angle then the door to the valve remains closed and unlike other valves does open allowing rodents access. The product can be installed by anybody who has a small amount of DIY experience but if in doubt please contact a Plumber, Pest Controller or Drain specialist. Please remember that when working in sewers to wear protective clothing including eye protection and protective gloves due to the risk of disease.

We have found that other plastic products on the market are simply not upto the task as rats easily gnaw through the body and hinge and provide only a temporary solution. Our product is a permanent solution and will give many years of rat sewer protection.

Why use the 110mm non return valve from sewerstore

  • Prevents Pest/Rodent infestation
  • Cheap solution to expensive drainage repairs
  • Rats will not be able to chew through due to its all metal design
  • Stainless steel hinge
  • Three versions currently available mini non return valve, anti rat valve and back flow non return valve
  • Custom builds available (different length pipes etc)
  • 6″ non return valve coming soon

This product is made and used by us and tested in the field, the product is not available anywhere else so buy direct from the manufacturer, please note that some sewer outlets may require modification due to corners if you have any concerns please let us know as we can provide you with a mini version of this valve to fit these outlets. If you would like to confirm that the item will fit your outlet then please email us a picture of your sewer outlet email and we would be happy to assist. Our number is 01793 630768 if you have any questions.