There is nothing worse than having a rat or Rats in your home or business our non return valves can help………………..

During my time in the pest control industry I have dealt with a great deal of rat infestations. Certainly the technology for dealing with rat problems has developed a great deal.

In the past we would check for obvious external entry points around the property and place poisons within the property and externally if needed. Nowadays reducing the use of poisons is a priority says “Mark Burnett owner of Sewerstore and Pestcatcher Pest Control“.

Poison has its place within dealing with infestations but we use it to clear up the problem once the source of the Rat or Mouse infestation has been identified. Some pest control companies and councils still use poison as a solution to the problem and not identifying the route cause.

Mark Burnett at Sewerstore says we first discuss with the client over the phone the symptoms of the problem we like to know the type of property such as detached or terraced also where the effected noises are such as lower down in the building or just loft areas. We also like to know if the property has an extension and where the drain manholes are located. This gives us an idea what we are dealing with so we can come armed with an initial knowledge and layout of the property.

Each Rat problem is different and no two are the same. Mark Burnett says that over the years of dealing with rodent problems I have seen how to do it and how not to do it and we have developed our own method for tackling rat problems using tried and tested method. We now utilise years of knowledge and experience and also new technology such as CCTV drain surveys and repair of broken sewer pipes and installation of ratflaps or non return valves to prevent access to sewers.

We had a recent problem within a local school which we shall not name for obvious reasons which had a rat problem. Being a school the layout of the sewers were interesting to say the least, we had to carry out a initial survey identifying the layout of the sewers.

Rats were effecting one part of the building and two manholes were identified nearest to the building. Upon opening these plastic chambers rat chew marks were found and two big holes were found in both. Rats had then burrowed under the path for about two foot and burrowed into the foundations of the building accessing it via the cavity wall. Repair was the first course of action and this involved removal of the damage chambers and installing new chambers.

We also carried out drain surveys to ensure no other pipes had been damaged. The client was concerned that further damage could be done so we installed a total of ten 110mm non return valves from sewerstore to prevent the problem occurring again. We believe that non return valves should be used in conjunction with sewer repairs and to prevent further damage.

Mark Burnett at Pestcatcher Pest Control believes that knowledge and experience is key and Rat control requires problem solving and thinking out of the box skills to properly solve infestations permanently.

We have included some images below of the rat problems we have dealt with

110mm non return valve ratflap being installed in a sewer