Rat Blocker Rat Flap For 80mm Pipes


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This valve is designed for 80mm pipe commonly used in guttering and run offs.

Designed to fit 80mm pipe these are built in house by us using 316 Grade Stainless Steel. The valve does not come with the nut and bolt this is for deep chamber installation and can be purchased from us if required please see our other items. The valve is push fit in design and in a chamber which is not deep you can simply compress the valve body and insert it into the outlet and it will clamp to the inside of the chamber (No fitting kit is required).

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new fitting kits for installing our valves at depth.

Fitting kit for our valves now available you will need to order a optional fitting kit and a pole, with this to fit the RB2 RB4MINI and RB6 and Mini Valve but not the micro valve.

For example if you purchase 1x RB4 valve and wish to install using our 1m pole you would require 1x RB4 1x 1m Pole and 1x fitting kit

Another example would be you would like to install 4x RB4 and you require 1x pole the purchase 4x RB4 4x fitting kit and 1x 1m pole

To save on postage costs and passing this on to customers our poles are cut in half and supplied with a connector nut.

Please not we cannot guarantee that our poles or fitting kits will fit other manufacturers valves and this pole is designed to fit the Sewerstoreratbarrier and advanced metal works valves.


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