6 inch non return valve Rat Sewer Flap Drain Protection



6 Inch Non Return Valve

Prevent rats entering 6″ sewers by installing our 6 inch non return valve

These valves are designed to prevent rats entering sewers and causing damage to plastic pipes or entering a home via a collapsed sewer.

Normally excavation should be carried out to repair the fault but sometimes this is not possible due to various factors including finance and access to the area effected.

Our 6″ non return valve is designed for use in all sewer types including ceramic, clay and plastic.

The 6″ non return valve is produced using 316 grade marine stainless steel and is also built with a 316 grade stainless hinge and weld ensuring product longevity.

Our valves are made by us in the UK and we ship direct to the consumer or pest control business.

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During these unprecedented times, we endeavour to build, process and deliver all valves as quick as possible . However, despite our best endeavours, it’s likely due to demand and supply and delivery delays some orders will experience some level of delay. Thank you for your patience and understanding.