Ongoing Rat Problem Solved

We have been busy here at sewerstore installing more non return valves for clients, we have this week been visiting a customer with problems within the first floor area and not in the loft. A pest controller had visited last year to assess the ongoing rat problem and visited many times and was unable to find the source of the rat problem. We decided to start by lifting floor board upstairs and discovered lots of droppings and a open pipe which had been filled by the builder with expanding foam, the Rats in the House chewed through the expanding foam and hence access to the middle floor area.

The noise from the rat problem were becoming unbearable and we placed traps under the floor and sealed the pipe with a bung to prevent further access.

We agreed to come back the next day but within a hour of leaving the customer called to say he heard the trap go off and we returned to find a rat in the trap.

110mm non return valve in sewer

110mm non return valve in sewer

The customer obviously did not want a reoccurrence of the rat problem and wanted a non return valve rat flap fitted in the sewer.

We inspected the sewer and tried to fit a valve with the rubber seal but unfortunately this type was not possible to fit and we decided our NRV5 product would be best. Valve has now been fitted and now the customer with the ongoing rat problem is rat free after many years of problems.

If you have a rat problem want to  Eliminate a Rat Infestation or have Rats in Your House think about installing one of our 110mm non return valves. If you require Rat Control UK then please also visit