Sewer Valve 110mm non return valve

Sewer Valve 110mm non return back flow valve

Our Sanitary Sewer Gate Valves automatically closes when water or sewage flows back through the drain system during floods. Sewer Valve allows normal sewerage flow from the inlet to the outlet side of the valve with no restriction.

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There are 2 million properties at risk from flooding in the UK. Many will be directly affected by river or coastal flooding, but more homes are damaged indirectly by the backflow of sewage. Our Sewage Backflow Preventer Valve will stop the flood.

The causes can include severe storms, breakdown of pumping plant or blocked pipelines.
The sewer valve have been designed to prevent backflow from surcharging sewers. Wherever there is danger from rising water backing up into a property through the drainage system the valve will close off the backflow automatically to prevent flood damage.
The financial losses caused by sewage flooding events can be in the region of £30,000 to £50,000 per property. In less than 30 minutes a house or basement flat can flood with untreated sewage to a depth greater than 1 metre.
drain valve is particularly suitable for the following places:

• Low-lying coastal, lake or valley areas

• Properties connected to a high flow rate sewage system

•  Private discharge systems connected to public sewers supplied with pumping stations

• Where non-pressure flow control is needed the Sewer Backwater Valve is ideal

Flood defence 110mm non return valve

Flood defence 110mm non return valve

Our Flood Non Return Valves are 4 Inch Sewer Valves and fully stainless steel in construction and prevent flooding of properties by crating a barrier, the valve also protects against rats. During flooding rats are pushed up the sewer and try to get to higher ground, our valve will prevent them from entering your property.

110mm flood non return valves

Picture of a plastic flood non return valves incorrectly installed


Our sewer valve can be fitted above ground pipework and branches preventing similar situations from occurring in communal stacks. They can basically be fitted anywhere, as long as there is easy access to them for servicing.



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