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Why Use A Rat Flap?

Why Use A Rat Flap?

We are often asked why should you use a rat flap? the main reason is that it prevents rats entering you home or business at the manhole cover side. Drain camera surveys should be the first stop to identify where the rats are gaining access this could be a...

Spot The Rat? Pest Control Swindon

We carried out some work last week in a property which had a major rat issue. Sewer pipes repaired, non return valves installed from www.sewerstore.co.uk and www.pestcatcher.co.uk

304 Stainless vs 316 Stainless

304 Stainless vs 316 Stainless

Why do we use 316 Stainless in our non return valve ratflaps and not 304 stainless? You may think that stainless steel is stainless steel. This is not the case stainless steel can rust and become marked with finger prints, grease and become discoloured. The thing that...

Understanding Sewer Rats!

Understanding Sewer Rats and how they become a problem in home and business Rats taking up residence in your home can be extremely distressing and unpleasant. The first you may think you have a rat problem is unusual noises within attic areas and flat roofs. In urban...

Rats in you home? how non return valves can help

There is nothing worse than having a rat or Rats in your home or business our non return valves can help……………….. During my time in the pest control industry I have dealt with a great deal of rat infestations. Certainly the technology for dealing with rat problems has...

More 110mm non return valves Installed

More 110mm non return valves Installed

Ongoing Rat Problem Solved We have been busy here at sewerstore installing more non return valves for clients, we have this week been visiting a customer with problems within the first floor area and not in the loft. A pest controller had visited last year to assess...

Anti Flood non return valves

Anti-Flood Non Return Valves for Drains There are 2 million properties at risk from flooding in the UK our Non Return Valves for Drains will prevent flooding and rats . Many will be directly affected by river or coastal flooding, but more homes are damaged indirectly...


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