Prevent Flooding With Our 110mm Flood Non Return Valve

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110mm Flood non return  Non Return Valve – 110mm – For Clay, salt glazed or concrete pipe and Plastic

Protect your property from flooding using our anti flood valve for use in sewers.

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110mm Flood Non Return Valve – 110mm – For Clay, salt glazed or concrete pipe and Plastic and acts as a watertight non return valve.

Initially the 110mm Back Flow Flood Valve, flood Non Return Valve was developed to help combat flooding problems in the UK and acts as a anti flood valves drainage.

If you are looking at this flood Non Return Valve it is likely you unfortunately have a rodent or flooding problem, luckily we can provide you with a cost effective solution.

Firstly we are a pest control company based in Swindon Wiltshire and have decided to develop our own range of non return valves as others on the market were simply not up-to the task.

We have tried and tested our products in real situations and have resolved customer problems where other products have failed.

The main difference with our flood Non Return Valve compared to others is that they are fully stainless steel apart from the rubber seal.

Plastic versions are on the market but they get damaged by rats causing them to fail, also on the market are steel flaps but they use internal hinges and in our opinion waste such as tissue paper etc can get caught on the hinge and potentially cause the non return valve 110mm Blockage.

Our valves are welded using stainless weld and stainless hinge meaning there is nothing within the body for waste to foul on. Also no other stainless 110mm valves are available for flooding defence.

Our Non Return Valves for Drains are push fit and should be installed in the sewer chamber, we have used them successfully inline and reverse fitted them. We offer three variations these are Flood defence valve, Rodent Flap Valve Without Cable and Rodent Flap Valve With Cable.

Our flood Non Return Valve are built using 304 stainless steel body, hinges and flap. Please visit our main website for further images of our products.

All valves are shipped with instructions on how to fit and you can email or call us if you have any questions. If you would like to clarify that our valves will fit your sewer please email us a picture and we would be happy to assist.

The product can be installed by anybody who has a small amount of DIY experience but if in doubt please contact a Plumber, Pest Controller or Drain specialist. Please remember that when working in sewers to wear protective clothing including eye protection and protective gloves due to the risk of disease.

Why use our flood Non Return Valve

 -5.2 million properties at risk of flooding in England
-Estimated 1.5 million in Scotland, Wales & N Ireland
-Cost of flood damage £2.5 billion per year, will rise to £4 billion per year in 2035
-The 110mm flood non return valve eliminates backflow –the cause of up to 50% of all flooding damage
 -Prevent Pest/Rodent infestation
-Not just domestic uses, there are many commercial applications as well (supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, prisons etc.)
-Control noxious/unpleasant smells
-Especially in areas of tidal flow
-Properties without ‘U’ bend systems

Typically these flood Non Return Valve are installed in the outlet pipe normally under a man hole cover around the external of the building.

Our 110mm Back Flow Flood Valve product differs from others on the market as it is made from steel and not plastic which as we have found out rats will chew and break the plastic valves.

This 110mm Back Flow Flood Valve variant is the one with rubber gasket to prevent water back flow but still protecting against rats or without gasket which just prevents rat access.

We can provide you with additional documentation and installation tips for the Sewer Backflow Valves if you need it. This product is used by us in the pest control market and we are offering it direct to you.

Please contact us on 01793 630768 if you have any questions, you can also send us a picture of your sewer outlet to ensure the product is suitable for us in Residential Backflow Valve or commercial sewers