The Drain Flap protects against rat infestations and from accessing your property and acts as a gate to allow waste out be keep rats away.

Our Drain Flap is low cost and provides a long term fix, these flaps are designed to keeps rats from entering your branch sewer pipes.

Rat Flap non return valve

Drain Flap installation in plastic chamber


At sewerstore we provide a cost effective solution to drainage issues associated with rodents and flooding problems.

In the majority of domestic rodent infestations we find that rats are entering the property via a broken sewer pipe, the pipe could be cracked or it could have a collapse.

Even with sewer cctv inspections it may not be possible to identify the location of the problem, this is where our 110mm non return valve comes in.

The Drain Flap Non Return Valve is designed to be push fitted into the outlet of the sewer pipe and will fit all types of pipe including ceramic, clay and plastic drainage types. We also offer a valve which protects against back flow/flooding, this drain flap for Drains contains a seal and prevents back flow occurring. Our Rodent Flap Valve are made using stainless steel components making them a extremely durable permanent solution.

Why use a drain flap in your sewer?

Rats will be moving in and out of the property on a daily basis to feed and find water the valve acts as a flap/gate to prevent them getting back in to the property. We are a pest control business and after using other products on the market we decided that these were simply not up to the task and decided to develop our own drain flap. We build these in house and as such can make changing according to the customers requirements.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions regarding our products, if you are a drain or pest control company and require pricing in bulk please contact us and we can offer you discounts on our Drain Flap

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